Music is a Good Idea for Fitness Instructors

07 Sep

It doesn't matter the type of exercise facility that you choose to want into, there are hundreds of fitness classes that are available, and so you have to make the right choice. Regardless of whether it is a commercial fitness club, at work place or a community center ensure that you have a chance to try a variety of them before you settle on the right one for your fitness instructions. This will also ensure that you work with the best and get the best results.  As a fitness instructor, you have to always be on the lookout for the best, fun and innovative class formats for your students.  For the instructors who like to dance there are many formats that you can use to offer a dance-inspired workout. Some ideas will put the party in a good atmosphere and give your business a special touch of business class.

One of them is a Latin cardio. By making use of use of routines like salsa, cha-cha and the Latin rhythms together with the expertise the fitness instructor will be able to create an aerobic workout to Latin music.  Find some music CD's that have different compilations of Latin music at selections made especially for the special aerobic workouts. Let the fitness center have a special atmosphere and partner up with the students one or the two songs, and you can dance together to keep fit. You can add some decorations to make the class look lively.

The cardio swing, which can be similar to the Latin cardio except that you would use a selection of the swing songs. Make use of the swing steps, the Charleston kicks and the triple steps in your choreography. The instructors have to ensure that they choose the appropriate music for group fitness classes that meets the demographics of the class. The older persons would prefer a big band for the training lessons.

The other type of music is the decade themes, this the music from the 70's and the 80's and you can have your fitness class dress like the style decade, you can find different music CD's that which contain these themes, and there are other CD's that specifically for aerobics workouts. Again you can make party decorations such as the disco balls that were famous in the 70's'. We also have the broad way style.  Pick a popular song that is chosen from the Broadway style and choreograph the steps.For additional facts and information about Music For Fitness, you can go to

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